About Us

Before introducing you to the content of this website , We want to tell you about the concept behind the logo of this website – “An Owl”.

Why We have chosen An Owl For Our Website Logo ?

We have chosen a character of a bird to represent our website because birds are meant to fly, So we want to fly high and its an our daily mantra i.e, Creative Strategy.

As the Name of this website is “Logical Feeds”, So we have chosen a bird with Logical mind i.e, an “Owl”. Because of the following reasons Owl is best for our website :-

– Owls Personality Is Sober (i.e, They are serius and sensible)
– Logical And Intelligent
– Precise And Analytical
– They Are Motivated
– Always Interested In Details And Facts
– Calm In Nature

So because of these characteristics of an “Owl”, we have selected “Owl” as our website Logo.

Logical Feeds Is For What Purpose ?
Logical Feeds is divided into two sections. First section will help you to improve your concepts about SEO and Blogging using Infographics and the second section will help you to improve your Blogging and SEO skills using text based articles.

Infographics :- It is an platform to educate the people about the concepts of SEO and Blogging using Infographics. This website will help you to understand SEO and Blogging and will teach you the stuff you must know to become an professional blogger.

Blogging And SEO :- This section of “Logical Feeds” will help you to learn basic concepts of blogging and then it will take you to the advanced level of blogging. This section will also help you to learn Search Engine Optimization Techniques to make your blog or website better.

If You Want More Information Regarding This Website, Please Feel Free To Contact Us Via Email ID :- Logicalfeeds@gmail.com