How To Get Free Domain And Hosting ?

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2 Responses

  1. Manvvar Ansari Ansari says:

    i cant upload my data on hostinger through ftp

    • Vishal Negal says:

      First of all, make sure you are using the correct FTP details (like hostname, username and password). To find your FTP details, please log on to the member’s area, click the View Account Details link and look for the File Upload Details section. Here you will find the file upload and FTP details. Also, if you are hosting your own domain, please make sure that your domain is already pointing to the hostinger server (it usually takes effect 24-48 hours after you update the nameservers). You will see a warning message inside member’s area if your domain is not yet pointing to hostinger server. In any case, you can still use hostinger server IP address as your FTP hostname. If your domain is already pointing to hostinger server and you still cannot access FTP, you can use the web based “File Manager 1” or “File Manager 2” from your control panel.

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