Our Services

Setup Your Whole Website

  • If you already have a domain and hosting, then you can use our 1st service.
  • If you don’t have any domain or hosting right now, then you can use our 2nd service.
  • If you want free domain and free hosting, then you can use our 3rd service.

1st Service At Just $4

We’ll setup wordpress on your web hosting and at the end you will get the well maintained website. You can handle this website without any prior knowledge of programming languages. It will be easy to manage your website and our team is always there to help you. Our team will also tell you the basic steps that are involved in managing your website.
This part involves :-
– Installing the wordpress on your hosting
– Installation of SSL Certificate on your website
– Installing the best Adsense and SEO optimized wordpress theme
– Installing the Required Plugins on your website to make it better

2nd Service (Varies On Your Hosting Plan – Range $13 to $70 for 1 year)

Setup Your Whole Website (Including Domain + Hosting)
If you don’t have any domain and hosting right now, then you can use this service. In this service, we’ll setup your whole website including your domain + Hosting + All the parts involved in 1st service. To setup whole website, there are many plans ranging from $13 To $70 for 1 year. For more information regarding this service feel free to contact us at Logicalfeeds@gmail.com

3rd Service At Just $2 (Free Domain And Free Hosting)

This service includes :-
1. Registeration for free domains like .tk, .ml, etc.
2. Free hosting service using Hostinger
3. Installing the wordpress on your hosting
4. Installing free themes and plugins

Optimize Your Website At Just $3 (Only WordPress Platform)

We also provide the facility of optimizing your website to provide better results in SERP’s. Here on Logical Feeds, We take care of all the aspects related to On-Page Optimization. We’ll setup your whole wordpress site in order to get good ranking in Search Engine Page Results.

Our Service Includes :-
1. Image Optimization
2. On-Page Optimization
3. Minify Your HTML, CSS And JS Files
4. Better Page Load Efficiency

Report of Technical Problems (At Just $1)

Here on Logical Feeds, We check your website for all the technical problems and will provide you the list of the problems. We’ll send you a report based on your website issues and performance. So, that you can easily remove these problems to rank higher in SERP.

Best Premium Themes And Plugins ($1 Per Item)

We are here to provide you the best wordpress theme and plugin at just $1. You can contact us at Logicalfeeds@gmail.com to tell us which wordpress theme or plugin you need for your wordpress website. After you have done your payment, then we’ll share the download link with you.

Pricing :-
$1 Per WordPress Theme
$1 Per WordPress Plugin